The First of (Hopefully) Many Blog Posts! 

I have grown to be a little too comfortable in my daily routines. I go to my classes, I go to my job (one of many food services gigs I’ve had in my life), I go to band, I peruse Tumblr, and I spend time with my roommates before I go to bed.

As wonderful as all these things can be, I figured it was time to start some new projects…. SO I got a big girl blog on WordPress. I’ve always wanted to create a blog to help with my writing skills (which need to be put to use if I want a job in the Communication field!). I also want to document the beauty I’ve learned to find in everyday life. I’d love to help others by sharing the successes and failures I’ve encountered.

I want to share my learning experiences. My silly mistakes as I learn how to “adult”, my recovery tactics, breakup survival skills. I’ll share some photos, videos, and illustrations along the way!

So, step 1 to improving my life seems pretty mundane: making a more professional blog. Steps 2 through 6 are underway: finding an internship, strengthening my faith, and further pursuing my passions for music, service, and mental health.


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